Alpha Levo IQ Review

Alpha Levo IQ is a nootropic drug that promises to increase concentration and focus, increases mental clarity and brain performance. The brain supplement is one of the products manufactured by Edge Bioactives, who are also the manufacturer of the testosterone booster, Spartagen. The company is a United States company based in New Jersey.

The Alpha Levo IQ promises to diminish brain fog that we all usually experience and at the same time enhance one’s focus during mental tasks and boost memory. Most nootropic supplements present in the market do claim to offer similar benefits, so it is important to determine Alpha Levo IQ’s effectiveness.


Nootropics are supplements that are used to enhance one’s brain performance through various means. Some nootropics can increase brain tissue circulation while others provide additional nutritional support that keeps brain tissue healthy. There are many nootropic supplements out there, and it is, therefore, important to ensure you research prospective products to ensure value for money as far as the quality is concerned.

A relatively new supplement in the market Alpha Levo IQ is among many nootropic supplements out there. Alpha Levo IQ promises to offer the increased performance through its naturally blended ingredients which are botanical and herbal extracts.

The ingredients are natural ingredients and are claimed to be used as a mainstay as the basis for many traditional remedies used to enhance brain performance and mental clarity. Various reviews have listed four active ingredients in the Alpha Levo IQ supplement with each ingredient serving to provide the mental toughness and agility required by users.

The first ingredient is Ginseng root which is claimed to enhance mental sharpness, memory recall and it is known to serve as a remedy for stress and anxiety. The other ingredient is Ginkgo Biloba which is used to improve overall brain circulation, increased concentration, and alertness. Huperzine A is used to improve mental clarity, and like the ginseng root, it also claims to boost memory recall. Lastly, Vinpocetine which has been demonstrated to have various benefits as a nootropic agent. It has been used widely to enhance memory and has been used by college students. Other ingredients include zinc, omega 3, acetyl L-carnitine, phosphatidylserine and vitamin B complex (B6, B12, B9).

Unfortunately, the ingredients mentioned above do not have their dosages listed, and this limits the ability to compare the effectiveness of this nootropic to others in the market based on concentrations of its ingredients. As such understanding, the efficacy of the supplement is limited to the mentioning of the ingredients of the supplement.

The pricing of each monthly supply ranges from one to six months of supply with each month representing a single bottle. Each bottle has thirty capsules. Therefore, one capsule per day covers the whole month. However, the supplement is pricey as compared to other lower priced nootropic supplements. Coupled with the limited information on the concentrations of the ingredients this may offer a challenge in determining whether there is value for money when purchasing the supplement.

The supplement should not be used if one is pregnant or breastfeeding. Also if one suffers from any known medical condition or is on any medication, it is best to consult the advice of a licensed and trained medical professional before taking the supplement.

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