Awaken The Abs Within Review

Awaken the abs within is a fitness program created and written by Brad Gouthro that claims to enable participants of the program to lose weight through natural means.

Brad Gouthro owner of Brad Gouthro Fitness which is a fitness publishing and training company. Brad is a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition and wellness specialist with extensive experience in the fitness and nutrition world. This can be seen in an interview where he stated that he has been training in the fitness area over twelve years however during this period Brad says that the training was not smart. He would get frustrated and confused due to lack of results. He claims, however, after finding a mentor and getting better educated on fitness and nutrition his body transformation leaped forward.

As a result, Brad wrote and created the Awaken the Abs Within to provide essential information to cut down stubborn fat with tips on how to transform one’s physique.


The program involves a diet that emphasizes only on whole natural foods with no highly sugary and processed foods coupled with intense workouts that are aimed at providing adequate nutrition as well as the necessary physical activity required for muscle growth.

The most important aspect of any program with regards to weight loss and increasing lean muscle mass is diet. This is the same case in this program. Without a solid diet plan with an effective workout plan will hinder the response one seeks to achieve. In the program, dieting focuses on the ensuring users eat the right type of foods, at the right time and the right quantities. The program provides insights into which fat loss foods are required together with a diet template.

The whole essence of the diet plan is to prevent starvation. Starvation can increase chances of storing fat in the body. During the period of fasting, the body breaks down muscle tissue to provide the body with energy thus reducing lean muscle mass. This results in decreased muscle metabolism during the fat burning process which results in reduced fat loss. As a result, the enzymes and hormones required to burn fat are inhibited and instead pro-fat storing enzymes and hormones are activated. For optimal fat loss, one is required to consistently eat healthy whole foods.

Interestingly, the program does not require participants to immerse themselves in low-calorie diets and countless sit-ups with excessive cardio. According to Brad, these elements are a component of the program but not the entire solution. The core of the workout program is to engage in multi-joint exercises that involve numerous muscle groups. This will enhance the body’s fat burning activity and increase the rate of body metabolism to ensure more calories are burnt as well as fat.

In these workout regimens, the program involves both weight training as well as cardio. However, as stated in a previous interview, Brad noted that excessive cardio results in the breakdown of muscle tissue which hampers one’s effort to build lean muscle. Once one is capable of correctly carry out the exercises and cardio in the correct form, intensity and subsequent progression individuals can build on lean muscle. The enhancement of muscle tissue then provides an increased ability to burn overall body fat. This is because lean body muscle is an essential metabolic driver in burning fat in the body.

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