Fastest Ways to Lose weight

There are numerous ways to lose weight. However as quickly as one may want to lose weight, it is important that they do it a safe and sustainable manner. As already discussed it is important to note a few pointers to ensure rapid weight loss results.

1.    Eat wholesome and healthy foods

As already mentioned in a previous article it is important to point out that eating healthy, natural foods is your best bet on losing weight and maintaining fat loss. Counting calories as previously mentioned will not add any value if some of the foods are highly processed sugary foods. This is because wholesome natural foods release sugar in a steady and controlled manner. This results in a constant stream of energy-providing nutrients to body tissues. This promotes tissue metabolism needed to burn fat and ensure fat loss.

Also with a steady release of glucose from natural foods the level of insulin steadily increases but within reasonable limits. With minimum insulin concentration in the bloodstream, there is an increased affinity to burn fats in the adipose tissue. This results in body fat mass reduction as well as a decrease in weight.

However, if one was to eat the same number of calories in a given diet but only eat highly-processed sugars, chances are the results will only lead to weight gain. How can this be yet the amount of calories are the same? Highly processed foods release their sugars in a different manner from that of natural foods. In processed foods, there is a rapid increase in blood glucose levels. This results in a spike increase in insulin levels which results in storage of the available glucose already in the bloodstream into fat. This is why it is ill-advised to count calories where the quality of food has not been considered.

It will always be better to eat healthy, wholesome foods within the required minimum calorie range. This ensures a progressive fat loss. It cannot be stressed enough.

2.    Exercise

As previously discussed training is an important aspect of weight loss as it promotes muscle activity and consequently metabolism which is essential in promoting fat loss. With exercise, it is important to monitor intensity and progression. As previously described, intensity and progression are the fundamental pillars that define the activity level needed to get your muscles into hyper drive and rev up your muscles’ metabolism.

With adequate rest and dieting in between each workout, the results will speak for themselves.

3.    Do not take part in fad or crash diets

As with all fad and crash diets that overpromise and sound too good to be true, it is important to note that one should avoid enrolling in such regimens. This is because these diets deprive the body of essential vital nutrients needed to promote muscle toughness, increase muscle metabolism and promote fat loss. Also, these crash diets not only cause fat loss but also induce muscle loss. As already discussed this adds no value to promoting fat loss and maintaining the losses made.

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