Get At The Roots 12-week Weight Loss Program Review

Get at the Roots is a twelve-week weight loss program geared towards providing a holistic approach to weight loss. The idea behind the program is a simple one, yet a deeper dive is required to have a better understanding. The program is based on the premise that the healthier the body gets, the easier it is to lose weight. To further emphasize the point, the program is not a low calorie nor a low-fat diet.

So how does the program deliver on weight loss yet most diet programs are food restrictive. Well, the uniqueness in the get at the roots program is to promote nutrition and enhance fat metabolism within the body.

The body requires proper nutrition to provide it with sufficient energy to maintain healthy organ functioning. In doing so, the program claims that a healthy body has reduced food cravings and also dispels unwanted body fat.

The program is structured in such a way that each person meets their daily macronutrient intake. Primary macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Every person is given a specific daily amount of protein in grams based on the person’s lean body mass. The amount of calories from carbohydrates vary on a day to day basis based on the individual’s activity level. For fats, the right type is necessary to promote fat loss and the correct amount as well. The overall idea is once one acquires the necessary body macronutrient requirements the homeostatic body environment is maintained and this promotes fat loss.

The program also aims at solving root causes for weight gain. The issues looked at to be causative agents for excessive weight gain are hormonal imbalances, stress eating, digestive problems and much more. This is interestingly relevant so as to ensure a proper dieting habit is not hindered by retrogressive bad eating habits that lock many people into consequent weight gain. The holistic evaluation of one’s diet does make the program very efficient and offers a different perspective on dieting as compared to other dieting programs.

Every week, a one-hour class is taught with each week different topics are discussed and built upon on previous topics from previous weeks. The first week is an introduction to the system. The rest of the remaining weeks explain different aspects of the methodology employed in the program to speed up fat metabolism and subsequent weight loss. The final week is a wrap-up of all the classes and marks the end of the program. 

However, the best programs find a way of ensuring participants of that particular system are enabled to maintain long term results. The get to the root system is no exception as it provides the necessary dieting tips and information to provide adequate nutrition and optimize weight loss.

The program offers the twelve-week educational video and audio recordings, an instructional recipe with thirty simple easy to follow recipes, an informative member workbook with vital information and many other tools including a fourteen-day meal plan. All this is offered with lifetime access.

The program being a nutrition based weight loss program does not require users of the system to participate in any physical workout regimen at the beginning or during the program. It is important to discuss any issues with any diet plan with a trained and certified medical specialist.

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