How to Choose the Right Diet

Of the numerous kinds and types of dietary supplements and various kinds of diets, how would you know which is best for you?

According to various statistics, there are more than fifty-thousand supplements and many types of diets. These dizzying amounts of varying supplements and foods can leave someone confused without providing clarity on which supplementation and diet one should use.

Research is critical in identifying which diet or supplement works. This is because no one diet works with the same for all needs. Our bodies responsiveness varies to different forms of supplementation and foods, and as such, each diet works differently for each person.

It is important to ensure you’ve done enough research to define which supplement or diet works best for your needs. But going through a variety of websites or magazines would not be helpful if you do not have criteria with which you judge which supplement or diet is best for you.

The criteria you choose to compare and contrast various diets and supplements is as crucial as the research. Using the analogy of a pirate using a map to find treasure is more or less similar to finding the best supplementation and diets for you. The map is the criteria used to determine which supplement or diet fits well with your lifestyle while the treasure is that diet or supplement you are looking for.

So what criteria should one use to determine which diet or supplement is best? The first set of rules is intrinsic factors while the second round of criteria is comprised of several external factors.

For intrinsic factors, one should consider why they need the diet or supplement. The diet and supplementation needs for an individual looking to lose weight is different from the diet and supplementation for a person in sports training. This is because the level of activity for the two individuals is different and as such the metabolic activity varies as well. Also one should consider one’s body needs. For the previous example, people in sports training will have different kinds of diet and supplementation needs. This is because their body needs vary. These individuals have different body weight and height, varying physiological needs and varying levels of body recuperation after training. Understanding these factors is important in identifying which diet and supplement best fits your daily requirements.

Extrinsic factors come after understanding the intrinsic factors. The extrinsic factors here include the quality of the diet or supplement, price, effectiveness, availability and brand trust among other criteria used. All these factors are based on the diet or supplement and not on the individual.

There are numerous kinds of criteria used to identify which diets and supplements are the best. For example, for diets alone, the US News & World Report ranked 38 eating plans. They did this by considering different criteria such as the ease of following a particular diet, its long term and short term effect on weight loss, the safety of the diet on an individual’s overall health, and lastly how well the diet prevents heart disease and diabetes. In this criteria, cost did not feature.

In summary, the criteria used to identify the best diet or supplement for you is as important as the research put into looking for them. However, whatever criteria you use it is important to consult a verified health specialist such as a nutritionist or dietician to better identify the best diet or supplement for you.

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