Slim Trim 2000 Review

Slim Trim 2000 is manufactured by a US-based company under the same name. The product has been widely marketed online. Advertised and sold on Amazon, Slim Trim 2000 claims to be a proven body fat burning weight loss pill.

Slim Trim 2000 is a natural weight loss product extracted from the Forskolin tree which is part of the mint tree family. The product given is an extract from the forskolin leaf from the Coleus forskohlii species.

The company claims that a clinical study done in 2012 showed that Forskolin reduced fat mass and percentage body fat by significant levels. The test involved Forslokin in conjunction and a placebo. It also resulted in an increase in the participant’s lean body mass.

In the study, the company further claims Forskolin contained in Slim Trim 2000 positively impacted the participants’ body composition by decreasing body fat percentage. Consequently, the participants that ingested Forskolin lost more weight than those on the placebo. They also had higher levels of lean body mass than the placebo group.


There is limited information on the company and more importantly on their product. Given this, several reviews provide some information on the product and the validity of the promises offered by the product.


The company claims the herb extract can increase metabolism, promote a reduction in appetite, prevent fat formation and ensure the burning stubborn belly fat.

With such significant benefits, this would be a perfect and straightforward solution for those seeking to lose weight. However, with limited information on both the product and the company, the quality and efficacy of the product warrant a closer look into the basis of these claims.

Several reviews cite that the main ingredient of the Slim Trim 2000 as an extract from the forskolin herb. The company manufactures the product out of an extract from the forskolin herb together with inactive ingredients of gelatin and rice flour.

Forskolin extract is usually safe for most adults undertaking a diet regimen. However, it has some side effects if taken through other modes of administration. If given intravenously (IV) forskolin can result in adverse events such as low blood pressure and skin flushing. If inhaled the extract can cause a cough, throat irritation, restlessness, and tremor.

As a supplement, Slim 2000 is taken as two capsules per day before meals. The product contains 125 milligrams per serving of the herb extract.

Unlike the majority of other diet products, slim trim 2000 has made the herb extract its main ingredient to promote weight loss. However, forskolin is usually used to help in promoting improvement in blood circulation and treat skin, digestive and respiratory diseases. Also, a majority of weight loss or dieting pills use forskolin as an adjunct to other active ingredients used in promoting weight loss.

As stated on, forskolin has not been fully evaluated in clinical studies to prove its efficacy in promoting weight loss. However, its previously stated advantages outside weight loss can help in providing overall wellness.

The extract is not safe to be used by pregnant mothers. One must consult a licensed medical professional before using Slim Trim 2000.

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