Spartagen Testosterone Booster Review

Spartagen is a brand made to serve as a male sexual supplement for men that suffer from various symptoms that result in a reduction in testosterone levels in the body. Symptoms include low sex drive, reduced or diminished sexual energy and a decrease in sexual and athletic performance.

The product was made by a US based company called Edge Bioactives which claims to have produced a completely natural and healthy dietary supplement. The Sparatagen testosterone booster promises to boost one’s sex drive, increase free testosterone and promote stamina.


For any supplement, it is always best to first look at the contents of a supplement. The Spartagen website lists various items contained in the testosterone booster. From a broad perspective, the supplement contains several vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

For the vitamins claimed to be in the supplement, including vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin B6. For the minerals, only two were mentioned namely magnesium and zinc.

The Spartagen formula contains herbs that are claimed to meet various nutritional needs necessary for normal hormone production. The herbs also are meant to enhance cardiovascular and neuron health and promote muscle growth. There are five herbs contained in the supplement.

The first herb is called Tonkat Ali. This is a Malaysian herb used primarily as an aphrodisiac to stimulate libido and semen production. The science behind this is that active elements of the herb bind to a Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SBGH) which has a natural affinity to testosterone. When SBGH is bound by active molecules of the herb, then there is freer testosterone circulating within the body.

The second herb is the Tribulus Terrestris which is used to increase the production of testosterone by amplifying cell signaling pathways to produce the Luteinizing Hormone which increases testosterone production.

Chrysin is the third herb used, and it’s known for inhibiting the auto-conversion of free testosterone to estrogen.

Korean Red Ginseng is used to enhance mental health and physical performance while increasing testosterone levels. The herb is claimed to treat erectile dysfunction.

Finally, Maca Root is an herb originally from Peru used to boost sperm production and consequently improve fertility. The herb is also used to increase sex drive.

Based on customer testimonials the product does not have side effects which could be probably due to the natural ingredients used in making the product. All the elements mentioned above are contained in capsules which are taken twice a day.

As to the effectiveness of the product, overall, the natural supplement may deliver on its promise to provide a solution to reduced testosterone levels. Unfortunately, little scientific data in the form of clinical trials or studies support the efficacy claims made by the products manufacturers.

However, the listing of ingredients on the product is necessary as it provides insights as to what the product seeks to achieve. Several customer testimonials also corroborate the success of the product. The product does offer a ninety-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers and also provides discount prices on multiple orders made for the testosterone booster.

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