The Fat Loss Code Review

The fat loss code is a diet created and marketed by Shawn Stevenson who is a fitness and nutrition expert. Shawn Stevenson is author and creator of the Model Health Show, which is a podcast on iTunes and he’s also a graduate from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

As a fitness and nutrition specialist, Shawn specializes on kinesiology and biochemistry and is also the founder of the Advanced Integrative Health Alliance.


The fat loss code is a six-week program promises to burn off fat and promote weight loss. The program offers a diet and exercise regimen aimed at providing practical solutions to fat loss all within the six-week period of the program. On top of this, after completion of the program users will learn how to lose weight faster and keep the off body fat for the long-term.

The program encompasses a series of DVDs and manuals that shall be used over the course of the six-week program all of which is purchased at a fee.

We shall look into each part of the program and its approach to enabling one to lose weight and burn off stubborn fat.

In the initial week of the program, individuals are guided to increase the body’s metabolic activity or as referred to in the book as “Setting the metabolic thermostat on high.” Here participants of the program will learn how to alter the ability of fat storing hormones to store fat and will also learn how to enhance and protect the function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid is an endocrine organ that plays a vital role in metabolism. The thyroid works in tandem with other organs in the body to maintain a homeostatic metabolic environment. Other than this, the program also seeks to enable participants to discover things in their daily routines that depress their metabolism.

In the second week of the program, participants are guided on how to efficiently burn fat by fixing the fundamental issues that promote their fat gain. Here individuals are given insights on to how to understand one’s metabolism rather than haphazardly cutting calories to promote weight loss. Users of the program learn to reduce body fat and keep it at bay as well as increase fat burning as a means to give the body energy. Finally, users will be educated on various tips and tricks to control their body’s hunger and satiety hormones.

In the third week, individuals are given insights into what to choose the best foods for them when creating a diet and the various principles used in creating nutrition strategies. Users of the program also get an easy to use nutritional template to assist in choosing the right food for people with various metabolic needs.

In the fourth week, the author explains methods that can be used to improve and enhance the activity of major fat burning organs as well as training on how to deal with stress, which may lead to an increase in fat storage.

In the fifth week, users will learn workout routines that will enhance fat burning and improve one’s physique. Lastly, in the final week, users are shown pre-workout fuel that helps in shedding off extra fat as well as learn easy tips to lose weight.

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