Total Wellness Cleanse Review

Total Wellness Cleanse is a detox and cleansing program aimed at promoting detoxification and encourage eating of healthy foods. The program is based on an online program with instructional videos and recipes to provide a food based detoxification solution.


The thirty-day program was started and developed by Yuri Elkaim, who is a registered holistic nutritionist, health coach, and fitness expert.  Interestingly, the founder of Total Wellness Cleanse was a former professional soccer player and worked at the University of Toronto for seven seasons for the university’s soccer team. Yuri served as the head strength and nutrition coach at the men’s soccer team.

The program has a following of twenty thousand people globally using the food-based plan as stated on the company’s website. The Total Wellness Cleanse has been part of a division of the Elkaim Group International Incorporated which operates as the Total Wellness Consulting since 2006. During that period the company has helped over half a million people globally with health and fitness solutions.


The Total Wellness Cleanse program has not only been used as a detoxification program but also a means to cut sugar addiction. However, the principles remain the same in the two cases.

The program consists of a thirty-day cleansing program that works its way through three main steps. Namely, cleaning, restoring and maintaining. On the company website, approximately over twenty thousand people have used this system.

The first fourteen days of the program are dedicated to cleansing the body of any micro toxins present in circulation. The cleansing process is food based and therefore requires one to prepare meals with natural cleansing foods. This system is unique in the sense a good majority of cleansing diets and programs make cleansing meals into liquid foods that lead to disconcerting scenes of spending days on the toilet seat. However, during this period, total wellness cleanse program promises the opposite of this as it bases the majority of its cleansing meals on raw health alkaline friendly food.

The second part of the cleanse is the restoration phase which involves returning body cells to their intended function by providing cells with the nutrients they need. This promises to enable an individual to regain and enhance body organ function in an attempt to revitalize and restore the individual into a well-oiled machine. This is not a phase on its own rather the restoration period is a desired result from the first cleansing phase.

The last part of the program is the maintenance phase which also takes fourteen days. Here participants of the program are guided by a simple yet well-detailed will-power free plan to ensure they stay committed to the program.

The program does have a holistic approach to both cleansing and diet change which could promote both weight loss and overall wellness the program, however, does pose some challenges. Participants of the program must be committed to making their meals which can offer some difficulty but aside from this the benefits of the program are quite impressive.

The program does have numerous customer testimonials as well as a large number of participants of the program. For a holistic approach to weight loss, the total wellness cleanse does offer solutions to those interested in such a program.

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