Ultramax Garcinia Review

Garcinia is a tropical tree that grows primarily in India and parts of Southeast Asia. The fruits from the Garcinia tree contain Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is used for medicinal purposes including other uses such as weight loss. Other applications include in treating several ailments such joint pain and infectious conditions.

Firstly, Ultramax Garcinia is a supplement used in weight loss. Individuals taking the supplement are recommended to take two capsules per day according to Diet Spotlight.


So how does taking Ultramax Garcinia help with fat loss? Research into the fruit suggests that the hydroxy citric promotes fat loss by preventing fat storage in adipose cells, controls appetite and improves endurance during exercise. However, a caveat into these findings is that the effects as mentioned earlier are not precisely detailed to occur in humans as such these results are unclear.

However various studies again also suggest that the hydroxy citric acid does boost fat burning and reduces appetite. It may appear that the key ingredient in the Garcinia fruit blocks the enzyme citrate lyase. Citrate lyase is responsible for making fat in the body, and it is also is in charge of raising brain tissue concentrations of the chemical serotonin which are responsible for making one feel less hungry.

With these findings, it may appear the Ultramax Garcinia can offer a solution to weight loss. But this is not entirely supported by a review published in the Journal of Obesity on effects of garcinia in promoting weight loss.

In this study, there were two sets of individuals whereby one set took a supplement containing Garcinia cambogia while the other set did not. The results indicated that the group that did take the supplement lost about two pounds more than the group that did not take it. These findings did not, however, show any strong correlation between the supplement and the subsequent weight loss. This is because individuals that participated in the study were subjected to a lower-calorie diet and exercise programs that could have been responsible for the weight loss. 

Although the findings of garcinia in promoting weight loss is not clearly defined its role in this endeavor is however promising. As such more research is required to find out if the hydroxy citric acid does promote weight loss and maintain one’s figure after the loss.

Other studies have gone to show promise of the fruit in type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. For Garcinia cambogia enthusiast the fruit may make it easier for one’s body to utilize glucose. In mice that were given garcinia had lower insulin levels than mice that did not. This could offer solutions to people who have diabetes. However, according to WebMD, taking Garcinia concurrently with drugs that control blood sugar, one should be careful as sugar levels could get dangerously low.

Some researchers have also found out that Garcinia may improve cholesterol levels by lowering the levels of triglycerides and LDL and raise the levels of HDL. However, it is advised not to use supplements if you are already on a prescription to lower your cholesterol.

While using Garcinia supplements, one may experience the following side effects including dizziness, dry mouth, headache and an upset stomach.

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