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Weight loss is one of the toughest things that most individuals face today, its not surprising that there are many common questions that everyone faces. We have provided a short list of frequently asked questions here to help you with your weight goals. Do not forget to check out some of our more in-depth articles on other FAQ’s.

Is weight loss possible?

Short answer, yes it is possible. If one engages in adequate physical activity and takes part in a sustainable diet regimen weight loss is possible. It is important that the diet plan that one engages in comprises of whole natural foods. In the case of a weight plateau, it is important to either reduce calorie intake or increase the level of physical activity.

How should I choose an appropriate weight loss program?

A lot of research from trusted and well-known weight loss brands as well as customer reviews. It will help if you are advised by a professional.

Does counting my calories help even though I’m eating processed food?

No, it does not. By eating foods that may be of the same caloric amount, the manner in which your body handles the blood glucose varies. If one was to take the same calories in a given diet, but the foods are sugary as well as highly processed, chances are the results will only lead to weight gain.

This is because wholesome natural foods release sugar in a steady and controlled manner. This results in a constant stream of energy providing nutrients to body tissues. This promotes muscle metabolism needed to burn fat and ensure weight loss.

What happens if I get a weight plateau?

To lose more weight what is needed is to increase the level of physical activity or decrease the number of calories consumed. It is important to track dieting and exercising activities so as to modify your regimen.

Should I consult my doctor or nutritionist?

For any regimen that you may be interested in signing up for, it is always important to consult a trained and licensed health professional.

Please check our more in depth articles on other FAQ’s.

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