Weight Watchers Review

Weight Watchers International is an American based company with operations in thirty countries globally. It was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch, who was a homemaker living in Queens, New York. The program aims to use a scientific evidence-based approach to help participants lose weight through key elements of eating smarter, getting more exercise, forming helpful habits and providing a network of support.


As a housewife, Jean Nidetch had gained substantial weight from her self-confessed obsession with eating cookies. She later resolved to lose weight and tried numerous diet plans, but she later followed a diet regimen prescribed to her by a diet clinic sponsored by the New York City Board of Health in 1961. She had lost twenty pounds, but she found her resolve weakening and therefore partnered with other friends seeking to lose weight and then formed a support group which later grew into the then fully incorporated Weight Watchers organization in 1963.


The Weight Watchers program is aimed at ensuring its members lose weight by eating healthier foods while at the same time getting more exercise. Interestingly, the program has no restrictive diet regimen that prevents members from eating certain foods.

So how do participants lose weight? By creating a calorie deficit which is simply a reduction in calories normally or by increasing the number of calories burnt through a physical activity which is essentially exercise. Obviously, this has been the dogma for a majority of all diet programs worldwide so what makes the weight watchers program so effective?

For starters, dieting is a daunting process and deciding which foods are best for your diet can be a difficult task. However, the SmartPoints®-Beyond the Scale is a plan introduced by the program to help people make better and smarter food choices. Every food item is designated a point value taking into consideration the content of calories, saturated fats, sugar, and protein in the food item.

There is no restriction to what food you should or should not eat. However, foods high in sugar or saturated fats are given a higher score, unlike fruits and vegetables that are at zero points.

The objective is to ensure you can meet a daily and weekly target of SmartPoints specially customized to meet your dietary needs. Undershooting or overshooting your day-to-day and weekly targets compromise your dieting regimen. 

Weight watchers, through its Smartpoint system, offers one of the easiest and simplest ways of watching your diet. Take for example the fact that users of the system can have the app make a recipe item based on what is in your fridge all the while enabling you to meet your dietary needs.

Also, weight watchers provide a personalized exercise regime that promotes physical activity which is incorporated in the program’s new FitBreak app which offers suggestions of getting more exercise based on how much time you have and your location.

Weight Watchers also has two avenues through which individuals can participate in the program: through in-person meetings or via an online only program. This provides versatility to which users can benefit from in watching their weight. Furthermore, there is a robust support system wherein members can offer guidance and positive reinforcement in weight watcher meetings.

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