What is Weight Loss Plateau?

Most people who undertake a weight loss program accompanied by a healthy diet achieve a significant reduction in weight at first. For some, it may result in a few dress sizes smaller than their initial size in one smooth sailing. For others, however, the process is not as easy. Despite their consistent exercise and healthy nutrition, they begin to notice that there is no significant change in their scale’s reading. That is when they know they have hit a weight loss plateau.

A weight loss plateau refers to the period after experiencing consistent reductions in weight when losses stagnate. Your weight remains more or less the same despite you staying consistent in your exercise program and diet. This often leads to frustration and may even demotivate you to a point where you feel you do not want to continue on your weight loss journey. However, we are here to tell you not to worry. A weight loss plateau is not permanent. You can still experience a reduction in weight after a slight or elongated stagnation. This, however, would require you to take up a few techniques as cited below. Use these tips to break out of your weight loss plateau today.

1. Cut down even further on your calories

Remember, the main reason you are losing weight is that your body is on a caloric deficit. This means that it burns fat since it does not receive enough calories from your daily meals to cater for normal body functions. By reducing the number of calories you ingest on a daily basis, you further increase your caloric deficit. This will ensure the body burns a higher amount of fat to keep your bodily functions running. We suggest you decrease your caloric intake by 200 calories. However, this should only be done if your new caloric intake will not be below 1200 calories. Any figure below this will lead to constant hunger and is likely to demotivate you. Alternatively, it would cause you to overeat, and this could cause weight gains.

2. Increase the intensity of your exercise

Making your workout harder through all aspects will make it more physically taxing to your body. As a result, your body will require more energy to perform your exercise routine. This will lead to more fat being burned from your body’s reserves and result in a reduction in weight. You can make your workout more demanding through different ways. First, you can increase the number of repetitions you conduct for each exercise. You can also include more exercises in your program or ensure each set of exercise you previously performed takes a shorter time to complete. Alternatively, you could look for more strenuous exercises or involve a higher amount of resistance to make the workout harder. If you are doing push ups, for example, you could place a weight on your back. This will make the whole exercise harder and cause you to burn more fat.

3. Reduce your stress

Sometimes, weight loss plateaus are brought about by stress. Remember that losing weight is both a physical and mental process. As such, you need to adopt an optimistic attitude towards your exercise. Avoid stressful environments and undertake your tasks in a calm setting. It will go a long way in spurring your weight loss.

Practice these tips to get over your weight loss plateau today.

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