At-Home Beauty Tools that Deliver Professional Results

We do not about you, but it is been a while since we have been to the beauty salons. With the understanding that some beauty users would prefer to stay home during these difficult times, we found some skincare gadgets that can bring you professional results right from your home! Check out these beauty devices addressing different skin concerns that are easy to use and convenient. Your wallet will thank you for saving money!

  1. The IPL Epilator

Are you still shaving and waxing? It is time to discover a new way of getting rid of those unwanted hair through IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy. The IPL Epilator has 5 intensities that can meet the needs of users with different levels of sensitivity. It has been designed to be used safely and effectively right from the comfort of your home. The device contains 999999 flashes and can be used on any body part. The best part, there is absolutely no hidden costs since there is no need for replacements or refills.

2. Facial Steamer

Get beautiful, the natural way with this 3-in-1 function nano-ionic facial steamer, humidifier and built in towel warming chamber. The ultrasonic vaporizer produces nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles, making it more effective for products to penetrate your skin. You can ensure a long running time with the large 200ml water tank that allows for 30 minutes of silent operation. A bonus 5 piece stainless steel blemish extractor is included for you to remove those blackheads effortlessly after your nano-steaming sessions.

3. Gel Nail UV Lamp

Our nails deserve to look its best, even if we are working from home. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of manicure at the convenience of your home or office with this Gel Nail UV Lamp. With 4 timer settings, the automatic sensor works for 120 seconds without pressing any keys. The UV light provides fast drying for all gel nail polish brands. It also comes with a removable tray, so you can use the UV LED nail dryer to complete your pedicures.

4. The LED Mask

We know that blue LED light treats acne, red light increases blood circulation and green light restores the oil and water balance on your face. Do you just wish they could be all in one device? Time to meet The Visor, the LED mask by Forever Jeune. Currently sitting at the pinnacle of LED technology, the Visor offers 7 spectrums of non-UV LED light that targets different skin concerns. With the eye area fully shielded, it provides safe rejuvenation and anti-aging results for our skin. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of users showed improvements in fine lines, wrinkle and skin tone after using the product.

5. Micro-Needling Pen

Maintain healthy looking skin with micro-needling treatments. Spas have been providing it as an option for years for individuals who want to rejuvenate and maintain skin’s youthful appearance. Micro-needling creates tiny punctures in the skin so new ones will grow faster and heal itself. Although it may sound scary, but it is a common treatment for scarring and uneven skin tones. Best part, there are little to no downtime after treatments. This set includes 24 pcs pin and nano cartridges, 10 x 36 pins, nano and 12 series, making it the popular for its use on all skin types.

6. Teeth-whitening Device

Whiten your teeth with the award winning, patented and clinically tested device by GLO. The GLO vials are specially formulated with sensitivity free, no-drip hydrogen peroxide whitening gel which are gluten and cruelty free. Hard to reach areas and teeth can be reached with the precision brush. Stains built up will be cleared using this easy to use and pain free device. Refill vials can be used either on their own to whiten in seconds or paired with device for faster results. Who does not want a smile that is slightly whiter?

7. NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

NuFace’s Mini Facial Toning Device is a handheld tool that is FDA approved and tested to improve skin tone, contour while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Like the NuFace Trinity, the device uses microcurrents to help stimulate skin to reduce wrinkles and promote toning and firmness. This device’s greatest strength lies in its simple design that allows for an effortless 5-minute beauty treatment anytime, anywhere.

8. Electronic Foot Exfoliator

Get rid of those dead skin and calluses on your feet with this electronic foot exfoliator that is adjustable by speed. With 60 pieces of sandpaper disk replacements, you can use it safely and hygienically each time. Battery is not required as you can just connect to power and use directly. It is small and portable, making it easy to carry with you anywhere. Can be used by both men and women to remove those cracked, dry, and dead skin on your feet for an at home pedicure experience.

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