Ten Best Supplement Foods to Weight Loss

Weight loss is a process that requires a lot of dedication. The work we put into our diet plans, our exercise programs and the positive mentality we maintain throughout our weight loss period is a complex combination. However, some supplement foods can help us reach our goals easier. Their unique properties enable them to aid our weight loss, thereby causing us to achieve our fitness goals with lesser effort. However, you should realize that these supplements are simply supposed to support your overall program and not become the center of it. Here they are below.

1.    Black beans

This member of the legume family packs a punch when it comes to protein. One serving of black beans contains an incredible 15 grams of protein. Unlike red meat, black beans do not contain saturated fats. As such, having them in our diet will prevent your cholesterol levels from rising and keep you healthy. Saturated fats also work against your weight loss goals as you have to exercise more to burn them for energy. In a few servings of black beans, you can have reached your target protein intake for the day. This will lead to smaller portions of food and ultimately assist in your weight loss.

2.    Brown Rice

Brown rice is categorized as a low-energy-density food. That means that it packs low calories but is very filling. As such, having brown rice will help you be full over extended periods of time while maintaining a low-calorie count. In this way, you can reduce your caloric intake for each day and remain full. Feeling hungry could lead us to give into our cravings. Alternatively, it could lead us to become binge eaters.

Brown rice also has a high fiber content. It, therefore, helps you have a smooth digestion process.

3.    Blueberries

Mostly known for their anti-aging effects, blueberries have benefits to weight loss too. They are packed with very little calories and can, therefore, be packed as a snack for work or the outdoors. One cup of blueberries contains only 80 calories. This serving will also give you four grams of fiber, thereby aiding your digestion.

4.    Grapefruit

Grapes contains a unique mix of properties that lowers your levels of insulin. Insulin determines the number of carbs that your body puts into use or stores as fat. When these levels are reduced, lesser sugars are absorbed into your bloodstream. Ultimately, this means that a reduced number of carbs will be stored in your system as fat. In this way, you can burn more fat without the formation of more fat deposits. This leads to faster weight loss.

Each grape is constituted of 90 percent water. That means each serving enables you to get fuller with lower calories. As such, grapefruit could serve as a very useful snack to prevent cravings.

5.    Almonds

Almonds are very low in calories. As a member of the nut family, its unique combination of oils enables you to have a lower risk of suffering from diseases such as hypertension. In one study, almonds were directly linked to aid in weight loss. One group of people was put in a low-caloric diet with an addition of almonds while the other was put on the same diet with crackers. The group that ate almonds lost a significant amount of weight more than the other group.

6.    Green Tea

Green tea has very high hydration levels. As a result, it helps you quickly replace any water you lose throughout your workouts. It has powerful antioxidant properties that help flush out toxins from your system. Additionally, it improves your metabolism thereby enabling you to burn calories faster. In fact, one study showed that this fantastic supplement food taken five times a day could help you lose twice as much weight as you would on a regular diet. Most of this weight is lost in your midsection.

7.    Low Fat Milk

Low-fat milk contains fatty acids that ensure you feel more satisfied after just one cup. Unlike conventional milk, this supplement has a reduced amount of fat, and this enables you to feel full for a lower amount of calories. The increased amount of calcium in this source also aids in weight loss while strengthening bones and teeth.

8.    Quinoa

Another low-calorie but energy-dense food, quinoa is a quick fix to your hunger. Eating this food supplies stable amounts of energy at low caloric levels. Its high protein content also enables you to keep within your macro count in fewer servings.

9.    Coffee

Taking reasonable amounts of coffee can help curb your appetite. This allows you to eat less amounts of food each day and remain within your calorie range. Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid that can increase the body’s uses for fat reserves.

10.    Dark Chocolate

A few nibbles of dark chocolate over the day can decrease the speed of your digestion. In this way, you can have a feeling of fullness for extended periods of time. Its high content of monosaturated fatty acids causes this snack to reduce your cravings for salty or sugary foods. As such, you will be more consistent with your diet plans and lose more weight.

Include healthy amounts of these supplement foods in your diet and experience greater progress towards your weight loss goals.

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