Top 3 Weight and Loss Guidelines

There is no area of life you can get into without a plan. Knowing where you are going and how you plan to get there is crucial. That said, you need guidance on how best to reach your target fitness goals. The following guidelines are not only essential but have also been used by literally thousands of people from all walks of life to lose weight. We believe you can achieve your target physicality regardless of what it is if you put your mind to it. Exercising both at home and the gym can be daunting. This is especially so for those who have been overweight for most of their lives.  However, we also know that nothing is impossible. That means with the right amount of work, a determined mind and a lot of heart, then you can get to your goals today. Let us look at the tips you need to have cut down on your weight and have the body you desire below.

1.    Know your body

Before you can begin losing weight, it is vital to understand your current situation. That means taking into account your health, both mentally and physically. It also means you should look around your environment and look at the various factors that will help you work towards achieving your target weight. Perhaps one of the most important measurements you can take with regards to your physical health is your Body Mass Index (BMI). This is a ratio of your weight to your height. BMI has no direct effect on levels of fat in the body. However, it correlates with the direct measures of body fat calculated by more accurate methods.

To calculate your BMI, just conduct the following steps:

•    Measure your height in meters

•    Measure your weight in kilograms and record the value. e.g. 50 kg

•    Square the value you obtained for your height. e.g. if you got 1.5 meters, your value here would be 2.25

•    Divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters. For this example, you will have 50/2.25. This gives you a value of 22.22kg/m2

An overweight adult has a body mass index ranging from 25.0 to 29.9. Normal or healthy weight, on the other hand, varies a bit lower on the scale from 18.5 to 24.9.

The standard threshold for obesity is a body mass index of 30kg/m2. In case you are beyond this level, you should also see a medical practitioner for more accurate values on your body fat percentage. Your doctor or nutritionist would give you advice on how you can improve your condition and get out of the obesity category. Additionally, he or she will advise you on the amount of exercise you can conduct per day. A doctor can also screen for any weight-related diseases that could have arisen throughout your life such as hypertension. Prior knowledge to any of these conditions will enable you to arrange your lifestyle around them for a more comfortable life. It will also ensure you are in your best health every day.

Another measurement you can take with regards to your physical health is the waist to hip ratio. It compares the size of your waist to that of your hips. You can measure your waist to hip ratio by following the steps below.

•    Place the start point of your measuring tape in the area between your last rib and just above your iliac crest. This is usually the area around your navel. However, do not use your navel to locate the area as it may lead to inaccuracy. Instead, feel through your skin for these regions from the sides.

•    Take the measurement around this area back to the starting point. Ensure your tape does not overly-squeeze you. Instead, let it lie flat against your skin. This is your waist measurement.

•    Place the tape a little lower, this time below your waist level. Locate the part of your buttocks that protrudes most and ensure the tape passes through this area while taking your measurement. This will be the value of your hip measurement.

•    Divide your waist’s by your hip’s circumference. This will give you your waist to hip ratio

An amount ranging from 0.80 – 0.84 for women and 0.90 to 0.99 for men suggests that you are overweight. Any measurement below 0.80 for women and 0.90 for men means that your weight is healthy. A man with a ratio greater than 1.00 and any woman with a value greater than 0.85 is deemed as obese.

Once you have known these measurements about your body, it is time to take the next step.

2.    Come up with a plan

Losing weight is inherently difficult if you do not have any plan towards it. Write down your target weight and develop goals you need to work on towards this achievement. You need to come up with a meal plan in case you plan on targeting healthier foods. In case you plan on achieving weight loss by focusing more on your macros and calories, then you need to choose your caloric deficit for your weight loss period. Remember that water and fiber are necessary parts of your diet regardless of the diet you plan to follow.

You also need to factor in the exercises you will conduct in your plans. Include the nature of the tasks, how long each workout will take and the frequency of each session. Always remember to include time for rest and get enough sleep every day. This gives your body enough time to recuperate from your previous training sessions.

3.    Get to work

Now that you know your body and have goals set, it is time to begin the rest of the work. Go grocery shopping and stock up on healthier food choices. It is best to buy fruits and vegetables while still fresh, so you might want to skip over stocking up on these. In case you plan on exercising at home, ensure you have all the proper equipment. This could include running shoes, resistance bands, dumbbells or any other exercise equipment you plan on using.

In case you plan on visiting a gym, ensure you have a consistent schedule you can keep up with. You might want to have some personal training sessions initially in case you have no idea how or where to start. In this way, you will get an overall view of the types of exercises as well as the gym. You can also learn how to measure your progress session by session.

Good luck on your weight loss goals. We believe in you!

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