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Weight loss can be challenging if the dietary and fitness programs do not meet an individual’s specific needs so as to promote fat loss. As previously discussed, weight loss is effective when a sustainable regimen is chosen. This is because the program will allow the diet process to continue for as long as needed to maintain the losses one has undergone during the diet.

With many weight loss programs out there we have already shortlisted the top diet and fitness oriented fat loss systems and programs and we shall consolidate the best here specifically for women.

Through the various articles, we have discussed the most efficient foods and supplements, diets and fitness programs used globally to promote fat loss and get you into the shape you desire. It should be noted that not all programs work the same way for all people and it is advised to use a program that suits your needs.

Also, it is important to always seek medical advice from a trained medical specialist before going through a given regimen.

Foods and supplements

a.    Whey Protein

Whey protein is predominantly used in the body building community for its protein concentration. It is highly sought out by body builders to pack on lean muscle. Whey Protein is concentrated from milk and made into a powder for consumption. However, whey protein is not just for the muscle crazed individuals. If you are taking part in an intensive fitness program, it is important to ensure you meet the dietary protein targets needed to maintain your fat losses.

Whey protein contains all the nine essential amino acids needed by your body during intense fitness training. It also promotes fat loss and preserves muscle and reduces hunger.

b.    Vegetables and fruits

As obvious as it may sound, fruits and vegetables are whole foods that provide the adequate nutrition and water needed for healthy growth and development.

Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale have low caloric indexes and are high in fiber and vitamins. Fruits provide necessary vitamins as well as sufficient carbohydrates. They also provide an excellent way of increasing meal volume without increasing the caloric intake.

c.    Garcinia

As previously discussed Garcinia is a tropical tree that grows primarily in India and parts of Southeast Asia. The fruits from the Garcinia tree contain Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and are used for medicinal purposes. They are also used for other purposes such as weight loss.

Research into the fruit suggests that the hydroxy citric promotes fat loss by preventing fat storage in adipose cells, controls appetite and improves endurance during exercise.

Diet programs

a.    Weight Watchers

Started in 1963 by Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers program is aimed at ensuring its members lose weight by eating healthier foods while getting more exercise. It is one of my favorites due to its intricate yet simple system which integrates both simple but effective dieting techniques and physical fitness. It does all this through a motivating and interactive program where all participants can guide each other through the journey of weight loss.

b.    Volumetrics

The volumetric diet comes highly acclaimed from Health US News, as it ranked eighth best diet overall against thirty-eight other diets. The volumetric diets program was created Barbara Rolls, a Penn State University nutrition professor. The diet divides food into four main groups namely: very-low-density, low density, medium density and high density.

This diet’s approach looks to ensure one eats as much of the low-density foods with low-calorie count with foods consumed at high volume. The diet promotes healthy amounts of food but restricts calorie intake. It does this not by restricting the amount of food eaten but by focusing on the kind of foods one is eating. The more one indulges in low-density food regardless of the amount, the lesser the caloric intake; which is important in promoting weight loss.

c.   Get At The Roots 12-week Weight Loss Program

Get at the Roots is a twelve-week weight loss program geared towards providing a holistic approach to weight loss. The program is structured in such a way that each person meets their daily macronutrient intake. Primary macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. The overall idea is once one acquires the necessary body macronutrient requirements, the homeostatic body environment is maintained and this promotes fat loss.

Fitness Programs


Fitness coach Shaun T. developed INSANITY. It is a sixty-day workout program with intense and strenuous stamina training modules. The program focuses on “max interval training” which involves one training for short periods of time but with intense bursts of energy.

As intense as it is INSANITY offers a very holistic and effective workout routine that promotes fat loss especially for stubborn belly fat. The intense, aerobic exercises leave you winded after half an hour. However, the results speak for themselves.

We have talked about insanity before and it would worth checking it out.

b.    Extreme Makeover

This is a year-long recommended workout plan by Women’s Health Magazine. The workout program was created by Chris Powell. Chris is a fitness trainer of the hit show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The exercise program has been spaced into four parts each consisting of 3 month periods of varying exercises and routines.

Unlike most weight loss reality shows, Extreme Makeover seeks to be different. The program shows Chris with a single client from their first day to the last with the final weigh in being done three hundred and sixty-five days later. This workout promises results. Like all fitness programs dieting and resting in between exercises are critical to promoting fat loss.

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