This section addresses some of the frequently asked questions about vitamins such as ‘‘What are the different type of vitamins?”, “What are the categories of vitamins?”, “What are the symptoms of some specific vitamins” and lots more.” However, emphasis will be based on selected areas such as “How are vitamins necessary for hair growth?”, “What are the energy giving vitamins?” and “What are the specific symptoms of vitamin D”. In fact, the subject of vitamins and mineral has become popular such that it may be very difficult to separate the truth from the myths. Overtime, people continue to ask several questions about vitamins, which have become a major concern for most of us and the need to address such question becomes very necessary.  

The subject of vitamins and mineral has become more of a popular discussion amongst the general public, it remains to be seen whether or not the strength in understanding its usefulness will be effectively utilized. In following articles, we’ve taken time to address some of those specifics frequently asked questions about vitamins which you will definitely find very interesting. Read through to gain a better understanding.

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